Sovereign Wealth Fund Forum Europe 2011

October 23 – 25, 2011    Register Now Sovereign Only

The SWF Forum will be held in late October in Switzerland. The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute has created the SWF Forum for Sovereign Wealth Funds, State Investment Corporations, Sovereign Wealth Enterprises, State Owned Enterprises, Central Banks, Government Funds, and Governmental Pension Funds to meet and discuss relevant topics in the Sovereign Wealth Space.

We propose an information-driven, marketing-free forum where attendees share insights, engage in forward-looking discussions and learn relevant, timely market intelligence. This is an exclusive event for institutional investors and C-Level Investment Executives who want to interact and build relationships.  Discussions and presentations are purely educational. Significant emphasis is placed on peer to peer interactions, with sufficient networking time built into each engagement.

The SWF Forum is a private event. No press is allowed.

Some General Discussion Topics

  • Investment strategy
  • Asset allocation
  • Governance & regulations
  • Institutional real estate
  • Current events
  • Private equity
  • Equities, commodities, fixed income
  • Global economics
  • Risk management